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Grolier Club Exhibitions

New York City

Land Book Manhattan_Cover.jpg Land Book Manhattan_Title page.jpg

Land Book of the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York. Desk and Library Edition.

New York: G.W. Bromley & Co., 1925 [updated to May 1930].

George and Walter Bromley issued several editions of this atlas of Manhattan between 1879 and the first decades of the twentieth century. The street maps chart the city with extraordinary detail. The Grolier Club clubhouse is shown in its present location at 47 East 60th Street, where it has stood since 1917. 

This copy contains the color maps of the 1925 atlas with hand-mounted changes made in 1930.

Valentine_Manual set.jpg

Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York [Six annual issues].

David T. Valentine. New York: D.T. Valentine, 1858; 1860; 1862-1866.

This handy guidebook to New York City, known as ‘Valentine’s Manual,’ was published in 28 issues between 1841 and 1870. It includes city statistics, lists of officers, and valuable historical data, such as extracts from old city records, newspapers, and descriptions of maps and views. 

An index to the over 800 illustrations from the series was published in 1906 by William Loring Andrews for the Society of Iconophiles, whose archives are held by the Grolier Club.