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Grolier Club Exhibitions

Erin Paulson

A sincere love of books guides my path from the pursuit of bookbinding to book conservation, from avid readership to writing. As a book artist and practitioner of laborious processes myself, I’m drawn to collect the works of other book artists. The artists' books in my collection both inspire and ground me, serving as a reminder that the joys of the book often defy categorization, and that it is through human interaction with the objects that the content is illuminated. That content need not be text-based, and the structure of the book need not be linear. It is often the sense of the artist’s time invested in the piece that piques my interest - an element shared in each of these three examples. Through the creation of handmade paper, hand drawn illustrations, and skilled letterpress printing, each artist imbeds their content through the durational act of making.