Ranchos de Taos.

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Douglas Keats.


Ranchos de Taos.




Color transparency rendered as a Fresson print, 9½ x 14¼ in.

This print is part of an elegant series in which each image of New Mexico’s Rancho de Taos church has its own palette based on the moment’s reflected light.

As with Monet’s paintings of the Rouen Cathedral, Douglas Keats created a significant body of photographs with different moods over the course of a year. Using the the same iconic Ranchos de Taos church, Keats, along with Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, Georgia O’Keefe and John Marin, memorialized the deep-rooted, timeless Spanish Southwest culture.

The print was rendered at the Atelier Fresson in Paris with a proprietary technique developed in the 1880s. Each print requires six hours to produce through a four-color separation process. The handmade paper and layered inks produce textures echoing Ranchos de Taos’s hand-plastered, stucco structure.


Robert A. Yellowlees