Haute folie: Lithographies originales en couleurs de l’auteur.

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Maurice de Vlaminck (1876–1958).


Haute folie: Lithographies originales en couleurs de l’auteur.




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Designer binding by Pierre-Lucien Martin (1974).

Maurice de Vlaminck was a noted artist, writer, musician, bicycle racer, and anarchist. This posthumously published book includes original lithographs he made late in life to accompany a literary work he wrote and published in 1934. As an artist, he is closely associated with Henri Matisse and André Derain, with whom he exhibited in the Salon d’Automne in 1905. It was in that show that Vlaminck and the others earned the derisive title “fauves,” or wild beasts, due to their bold and not representational use of color and brush strokes. The lithographs in this book, although done much later, reflect this style.

The publisher issued the book in loose gatherings and this copy is housed in a unique signed binding by Pierre-Lucien Martin (1913–85). With innovative designs that departed from structured decorative symmetry, Martin has often been considered the aesthetic successor to the legendary French binder Paul Bonet.


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