The Handmade Papers of Japan.

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Thomas Keith Tindale and Harriet Ramsey Tindale.


The Handmade Papers of Japan.


Tokyo and Rutland, VT: Charles E. Tuttle,




Three volumes and a portfolio of watermarks. In the original chitsu, and that in its original box. Accompanied by the woodblocks used to print the title pages of the volumes. [With:] Sidney E. Berger. The Handmade Papers of Japan. North Hills, PA: Bird & Bull Press, 2001.

Provenance: Thomas Keith Tindale’s copy of his 1952 work.

The Tindale books represent the best text written on Japanese handmade paper. They contain an authoritative text, more than one hundred historic papers, and a whole volume of the best handmade papers being produced in Japan when the book was written. There are also woodblocks used to print the title pages, and a portfolio of twenty exquisite watermarks made by the Japanese hand-rubbing method.

The Berger volume is a history of the production of the Tindale book, revealing much new information, culled from the private Tindale family archives.


Sidney E. Berger and Michele V. Cloonan