Cours de danse fin de siècle.

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Érastène Ramiro (pseud. Eugene Rodrigues).


Cours de danse fin de siècle.


Paris: E. Dentu,




Illustrations by Louis Legrand.

Binding by Marius Michel, with a black mosaic title and an incised roundel painted to represent Le Moulin de la Galette.

Provenance: Henri Beraldi.

A unique copy for Henri Beraldi, with six watercolors and five proofs of each of the eleven plates (including one hand colored by Legrand) depicting dance positions, in aquatint and soft ground etching on Japan paper (signed in pencil and/or on the plate). My diverse library, which largely reflects my study of American women’s education from the late seventeenth through the early nineteenth centuries, includes needlework pattern books, women’s magazines and courtesy books, drawing and calligraphy manuals, and children’s books. But for beauty and humor, I have amassed a small collection of prints and books by Louis Legrand (1863–1951), whose representation of turn-of-the century Paris ignites my soul just as they did his patrons, including Henri Beraldi, bibliophile extraordinaire, author, and president of the Société des Amis des Livres from 1901 to 1931. He collected Legrand’s prints and books, and original artwork, including that for this book (also in my collection). Together these illuminate publishing, collecting and society of the time.

I also have three other copies of Cours de danse, two of which have four proofs of each of the plates on Japan imperial paper (numbered 44 and 46), spectacular bindings by Ralli and Michel respectively, and a single watercolor tipped in each. My other copy is very basic: single proofs of the engravings on velin, number 77 out of 350 copies.


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