Timon of Athens.



William Shakespeare.


Timon of Athens.


Nacogdoches, TX: LaNana Creek Press,




Illustrations by Wyndham Lewis. Printed on Johannot by d’Arches paper in Della Robbia type using a Vandercook Universal III press; illustrations printed on archival art paper. No. 21/100.

I collect early twentieth-century modernist poetry, especially Ezra Pound and writers associated with him. Wyndham Lewis was an avant-garde artist and writer and close collaborator with Pound in pre-World War I London. This book represents the fulfillment (however belated) of Lewis’s 1912 ambition to illustrate Timon of Athens in book form. Lewis created the artwork for Timon and published a portfolio of the drawings in 1913, but could not find a publisher who would produce it using his art. Ninety years later, thanks to the collaboration of Charles D. Jones of LaNana Creek Press and Omar Pound, Timon of Athens was published as Lewis envisioned, taking its imagery from Pound’s personal copy of Lewis’s extremely rare 1913 portfolio.


Natalie T. Blaney