Book sale records

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E. P. Goldschmidt & Co.


Book sale records




The Grolier Club Library holds the archives of a number of important booksellers, but among the richest are the financial records of the firm of E. P. Goldschmidt. Ernest Philip Goldschmidt (1887–1954) was the quintessential antiquarian bookseller cum scholar, a bibliographer whose meticulously researched sales catalogues often became standard reference works. Shown here are just a few of the twenty-one stock books, day books, and customer account books that make up the collection; the detail shows entries from a 1938 stock book listing purchases of rare book catalogues by the Grolier Club. These and other similar records are primary source material in provenance research, and the history of bookselling and book collecting.


Gift of Jacques Vellekoop, 1997.