[Antiquities of the Jews.

6.11 Gothic binding.jpg


Josephus, Flavius.


[Antiquities of the Jews.


Augsburg: Johann Schüssler,


28 June–23 August 1470].


Bound with: Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea. [Ecclesiastical history (manuscript in Latin), southern Germany, 1462].

This binding of this imposing volume consists of two heavy beveled wooden boards covered in pigskin. The covers retain their clasps, as well as their original brass center and corner bosses, important factors in the book’s exceptional state of preservation. The binding is exuberantly stamped in blind with fleurons, floral roundels and lozenges, square panels of mythical beasts, and borders of strapwork. The stamps are distinctive, and can be linked with the monastic bindery of St. Mang at Füssen, near Munich.