Theodore Low De Vinne Papers.

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Theodore Low De Vinne Papers.


ca. 1857-1931


One February day in 2010, during one of the worst snowstorms in recent memory, a truck delivered ten boxes of books, letters, business correspondence, and “personalia” relating to fine press printer, print historian, and founding Grolier Club member Theodore Low De Vinne (1828-1914). At the suggestion of Grolier member and De Vinne scholar Irene Tichenor, the archive was donated to the Grolier Club by the Andrew Mellon Library of Choate Rosemary Hall, where it had languished, largely unused, since its acquisition from a De Vinne descendant some decades ago. The Choate gift adds both depth and breadth to the Grolier Club’s own De Vinne holdings and complements other similar scholarly collections on the art and history of the book. Shown here is the etching plate for Thomas Johnson’s iconic portrait of De Vinne, alongside Tichenor’s 2005 monograph on the printer, No Art without Craft, featuring the etching on the cover. 

Also shown is the January 1, 1858 contract establishing De Vinne's partnership with Francis Hart, with whom he would later fall out.


Gift of Choate Rosemary Hall, 2010.