Sacrae Scripturae Veteris Novaeque Omnia.



[Bible. Greek].


Sacrae Scripturae Veteris Novaeque Omnia.


Venice: Aldus Manutius and Andrea Torresani,


February 1518.


In 1494 Aldus Manutius announced his intent to print the Bible, but left it to his heirs to carry through on that commitment. A unique trial sheet of a polyglot Bible (shown in facsimile in the Bibliography section of this exhibition) survives as testament to Aldus’s original intent. Erasmus had already edited and published the Greek New Testament in 1516, and to that Gian Francesco Torresani added his own edition of the Greek Old Testament for this 1518 Aldine publication. The Complutensian Polyglot Bible was printed between 1514 and 1517, but publication was delayed until after Pope Leo X approved it in March 1520, making the Aldine edition the editio princeps of the whole Greek Bible. This copy is bound in contemporary Venetian goatskin, blind-tooled in a multi-panel design.


From the collection of T. Kimball Brooker.