St. George and the Dragon.



Salvador Dali (1904–1989).


St. George and the Dragon.




Designed by Dali, etched by Stanley William Hayter, plate: 17⅝ x 11¼ in.; sheet: 22⅝ x 15¼ in. Engraved on Whatman wove paper and signed by Dali. Edition of 260.

Depictions and accounts of the myth of St. George and the Dragon have appeared in various artistic and literary forms going back centuries, including in Jacobus de Voragine’s Golden Legend (ca. 1256). This St. George and the Dragon is considered by many to be Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali’s finest print, with its quite full margins. Published by the oldest print club in the Untied States, the Print Club of Cleveland, I was only seventeen years old at the time I acquired this etching, and the club’s youngest member.


Frederick W. Pattison