A pair of Indian miniatures.

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A pair of Indian miniatures.


Provincial Mughal (possibly Alwar)


late 17th c.


Watercolor and gold on paper, each 7ΒΌ x 4 in.

I have been collecting Indian miniatures since 1967, when I was introduced to them by my cousin, and then-employer, the bookseller H. P. Kraus. This pair is by far the most personal of the collection. My wife purchased them for me from Otto Ranschburg of Lathrop Harper. They had been in the rare book stock of Herbert Reichner, whose scholarly stock Otto had arranged for me to purchase, and which had been a key component in the founding of my own business. This is their second appearance at the Grolier Club. In 1975 one of my chief mentors, Geoffrey Steele, borrowed them for the exhibition Nature's Handmaid Art: Landscape Architecture from the Garden of Eden to Central Park.


T. Peter Kraus