Autograph postcard signed to Susan Jaffe [Tane].



Carl Sandburg.


Autograph postcard signed to Susan Jaffe [Tane].


[Somewhere between Chicago and New York]




Framed with a photograph of Sandburg and a clipped signature.

In 1959, my father was returning from a business trip, and his seatmate was none other than the poet Carl Sandburg. My father had him sign a postcard for me, and when I met him at the airport, I was too excited to see him to even notice who he was introducing me to. As we were walking away, I realized who I’d just met, and ran back to recite “Fog” to the poet, just as strangers recited “The Raven” to each other on the street during the height of Edgar Allan Poe’s fame.

This postcard is one of my most treasured items. It represents for me what a collection is all about: a connection to the past, and a concrete and living piece of writing.


Susan Jaffe Tane