Quattro canzoni quattro incisioni.

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Francesco Petrarca.


Quattro canzoni quattro incisioni.


Belluno: Proposte d'Arte Colophon,




Engravings by Agostino Bonalumi printed in Milan by Giancarlo Sardella on handmade Etna Sicars paper, text printed by handpress by Alessandro Zanella on Hahnemüle paper in Santa Lucia ai Monti, Verona. No. 27/75.

“Voi ch' ascoltate in rime sparse il suono” is the introductory sonnet of Petrarch's canzoniere, a collection of poems, the central theme of which is his love for his muse, Laura. These passionate love songs honor Petrarch's devotion to an unattainable woman who accepted his homage, but not his intimacy. Visual pleasure demanded purchase of this book. With its sculpted covers, color engravings, and spaciously placed Bembo type on hefty rag paper? Irresistible. This was one of the offerings displayed at the Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione, visited during the Grolier Club's 1998 Iter Veneticum.


Jean Stephenson