Memoires de Gibbon.

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Edward Gibbon (1737–1794).


Memoires de Gibbon.


Paris: Chez le Directeur de la Décade philosophique. An Ve. de la République ,




In this translation of Gibbon’s Miscellaneous Works, published during the French Revolution, his letter dated February 18, 1793, was changed:

The struggle is at length over, and poor de Severy [Salomon de Severy, a close friend in Lausanne] is no more!

La lutte est enfin terminée; le malheureux Louis [Louis XVI, guillotined January 21, 1793] n’est plus.

The anonymous translator notes that he left Gibbon’s French (“anglicisms”) uncorrected; however, someone (translator or printer) adapted Gibbon’s English to reflect contemporary events in France. A fellow Grolierite found this book for me in a dealer’s catalogue. I discovered the Gibboniana.


George Edwards