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Zinman 1.jpg
A thick paper copy, rarely seen.

Provenance: Presented by James Madison to James Maury, a confidant and first consul of the United States.

Madison, Hamilton and Jay agreed amongst themselves to write position papers supporting the proposed…


One 8-page part from the first edition plus 24 16-page parts from the second edition.

This was an early purchase I made as I started to collect nautical fiction. A few years later I bought some disbound parts and noticed that they were eight-page…


Provenance: Henry Hester’s copy, with his signature on the title page.

The first book printed in Alaska, and one of only four known copies. This copy also has numerous pencil annotations, probably added at a later date by Henry Hester, the book’s…


Butler 1.jpg
This preliminary version of the Nakaz (or Instruction) is interleaved with manuscript contemporary notes, possibly by a delegate to the Assembly that Catherine II convened in 1767 to discuss her draft law code. It is in a sumptuous full red morocco…


Gordan 1.jpg
Provenance: Octavia Wilberforce's copy, with the bookplates of Lavington House and the Wilberforce Library, Backsettown.

John Wilkes, an opposition member of Parliament in the 1760s, wrote The North Briton, published periodically in pamphlet form.…


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