History of the Horn-Book, 2 vols.

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Andrew W. Tuer.


History of the Horn-Book, 2 vols.


London: The Leadenhall Press; New York: C. Scribner’s Sons,




Provenance: Inscribed by the author, with A.N.S. to collector Robert White.

This was one of my first discoveries from a press whose books delighted me, and about which I could find almost no information. I was inspired to research their history and output, resulting in my book Field & Tuer, the Leadenhall Press (Oak Knoll Press/British Library, 2010), as well as a large collection of books, ephemera, and correspondence. Andrew Tuer found and described 150 surviving hornbooks (an 1882 exhibition of all then known had managed to show only eight), and his study, though unsystematic, is still perhaps the best on the subject.


Matthew McL. Young