High school senior year Physics notebook.

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Robert Frost.


High school senior year Physics notebook.


Lawrence, MA






This is the earliest known Frost manuscript notebook, pre-dating Notebook No. 1 described in Robert Fagan’s The Notebooks of Robert Frost (Harvard University, 2007). A series of eight physics experiments conducted by Frost while studying at Lawrence High School, covering specific gravity, density, compressibility of air, etc., it was discovered in a school closet by a Miss Alice Hainsworth in the neighboring town of Methuen, close to Frost’s hometown (after San Francisco) of Lawrence, MA. Further into the notebook, on two pages, is a remarkably early manuscript documenting the relationship between the young Robert Frost and his high school sweetheart and future wife, Elinor White. Many scholars attribute Frost’s early exposure to and interest in poetry to Elinor, and on these pages, in Elinor’s handwriting, is a transcription of Robert Browning’s poem, “Incident in the French Camp,” beginning, “You know, we French stormed Ratisbon: / A mile or so away, / On a little mound, Napoleon, / Stood on the storming day.”


David H. Lowenherz