Ricerche bibliografiche sulle edizioni Ferraresi del secolo XV.



Giuseppe Antonelli.


Ricerche bibliografiche sulle edizioni Ferraresi del secolo XV.




Tipografia di Gaetano Bresciani




Provenance: Franco Carresi, with his bookplate.

The origins of printing in Ferrara is a short story that focuses on eight printers and 121 books printed before 1501. Giuseppe Antonelli, one of the early bibliographer of printing in Ferrara, identifies 100 of the 121 books from the presses established there, with the remaining twenty-one added to the canon by the end of the century. One of the most interesting characteristics of Antonelli’s work is the three plates that illustrate twenty-three watermarks in the paper used by Ferrarese printers during the incunable period. Antonelli’s methods are quite sophisticated for the period and his work is still very useful when examining Ferrarese incunables. 

I have been studying the history of printing in Ferrara for the last decade, and like the early Ferrarese imprints, bibliographical works on the subject do not often appear on the market. Edizioni Ferraresi is one of my favorite reference works and has been very useful in building my small but growing collection of books on Ferrara.


Daniel De Simone