Der Wasserman.

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F. H. Ernst Schneidler (1882–1956).


Der Wasserman.


Stuttgart: Julius Hoffmann Verlag,




Edition of 70.

Provenance: Type designers Georg Trump and Hermann Zapf.

Der Wassermann has a legendary status among those interested in the letter arts. Each copy consists of four portfolios containing hundreds of examples of Schneidler’s calligraphy, typography, and illustrations printed by teachers and students at the Württembergischen Kunstgewerbeschule Stuttgart from 1925–33. The work was not published until after the war, and even then the project was not considered complete.

Schneidler designed a few important typefaces and created some exceptional commercial work, but he is most remembered for his students, many of whom went on to become some of the finest graphic artists of the twentieth century. Among them were Imre Reiner, Walter Brudi, and Rudo Spemann. But arguably his most prominent student was Georg Trump, designer of many important typefaces, including Trump Medieval and Delphin. Trump was a close friend of my mentor, Hermann Zapf. Unlike most collectors, I care little about provenance, but I make an exception for this copy of Der Wassermann: it was given by Schneidler to Trump, who gave it to Zapf, and several years ago Hermann Zapf gave it to me.


Jerry Kelly



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