Vol. 1 of My Sketch Book.



George Cruikshank (1792–1878).


Vol. 1 of My Sketch Book.


[London:] George Cruikshank,




George Cruikshank designed, etched and published this album of thirty-six hand-colored caricatures of daily life during the period 1833–36 and sold them through the London bookseller and publisher Charles Tilt. These copper etchings were issued in nine separate publications, containing four each, in yellow wrappers (here bound in), the first six of which were reissued with an etched colored title page in 1834. Each plate is filled with wonderful tiny sketches of all sorts of human behavior.

I collect English, French and American caricaturists who worked from 1815–1945, focusing on the quality of drawing, the charm of the page design, and the wit in describing human nature. George Cruikshank is one of my favorites. Albums of contemporary caricatures are an important component of my collection, since they offer useful evidence of the publisher's (in this case the illustrator's) methods of distribution, and often contain unexpected treasures. For example, this album contains an interesting notice from George complaining about “various works published by Mr. Kidd, as ‘Illustrated by Cruikshank,’ ... ALL illustrated by my Brother, ROBERT CRUIKSHANK, and IN NOT ONE OF THEM HAVE I ANY CONCERN.”


Josephine Lea Iselin