The Ristigouche and Its Salmon Fishing.

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Dean Sage.


The Ristigouche and Its Salmon Fishing.


Edinburgh: David Douglas,




Edition of 105.

Among other superlatives, experts in the rare-book world have described Ristigouche to me as being of almost legendary beauty, rarity, and importance. I agree, and it’s also my view that this is the most beautiful book on salmon fishing. I enjoy sporting books, and I enjoy finely printed books. Unlike many of its fellows, this book carries both attributes. If it has a flaw, it is that the prose is workmanlike and uninspired. But the dedication compensates for that: “To my father, to whom I owe the leisure which has enabled me to write it.” Sage grew up in great wealth, and had the sense to be grateful for his good fortune.


Philip E. Bowles