Opera in New York.



Richard Grant White (1822–1885).


Opera in New York.




Pages taken from Century Illustrated Magazine 23, nos. 5 and 6 (March 1882 and April 1882), profusely extra-illustrated.

This volume contains a remarkable range of lithographs, engravings, photographs, autograph letters and documents, original drawings, and theater programs and playbills, especially relating to famous sopranos who performed in Italian operas in New York City from 1825–82. Richard Grant White was the father of the architect Stanford White and an author and editor. He had extensive first-hand knowledge of some of the leading Italian opera performers of his era. Those described and portrayed in the volume include Maria Malibran, Marie Alboni, Jenny Lind, Henriette Sontag, Adelina Patti, Maria Picolomini, and Christine Nilsson, among many others. The volume is open to a lithograph of Jenny Lind and an autograph letter by this legendary singer.


Mark D. Tomasko