Plastic Surgery of the Face.

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Harold Gillies


Plastic Surgery of the Face.


Frowde, Hodder and Stoughton






Considered by many to be the father of modern plastic surgery, Sir Harold Gillies wrote this epic book for surgeons wishing to specialize in plastic surgery. In the early 20th century, plastic surgery was in its infancy and practiced by general surgeons. The advent of World War I brought with it more facial and head injuries than previously because soldiers were in trenches with their heads exposed to new and more powerful weapons. In 1916, Britain officially recognized plastic surgery as a specialty with the founding of the military hospital in Aldershot. Gillies was an ear, nose, and throat specialist from New Zealand who was at the forefront of this newfound specialty. Gillies treated thousands of patients during his time at Aldershot. In this book, he records those experiences, his goal being to share the skills and techniques learned and mastered there. Each anatomic area of the face is depicted with case studies and photographs. Gillies employed skin grafts, flap transfers, tubed surgeries, and even facial prostheses. The advent of antisepsis and anesthesia made these surgeries possible.