Le chirurgien dentiste [The surgeon dentist].

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Pierre Fauchard


Le chirurgien dentiste [The surgeon dentist].




Chez Pierre-Jean Mariette




Although trained as a physician, Pierre Fauchard is widely regarded as the father of modern dentistry. In Le chirurgien dentiste, Fauchard describes basic oral anatomy and function. He also discusses oral medicine and pathology as well as procedures for both the removal and restoration of teeth. He starts most of the book devoted to the care and treatment of the face and jaws in the specialty known today as oral and maxillofacial surgery—one of the precursors of modern-day plastic surgery. Fauchard is also credited for inventing and improving surgical instruments. He borrowed ideas for these fine instruments from the watchmakers and jewelers at the time. He even was inspired by the instruments and tools of the barbers. He was also known for the fabrication of dental prostheses for the replacement of teeth that were lost to extraction or disease.