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Grolier Club Exhibitions


Kraft Singles Superstars ’93, Roger Clemens. Kraft General Foods, 1993.

Known as “The Rocket,” Clemens pitched for the Boston Red Sox before coming over to the Yankees. Pulling the tab on the card reveals his stats with Boston. The tab gives hints for better pitching, with career highlights on the reverse.

Legends of Baseball: Yogi Berra. Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza, 1995.

Pull the tab at the top of the autographed card, number one in a series of five, and Yogi stands up to catch the ball, revealing his stats. The pull tab describes three significant moments in his career and the card’s reverse offers more stats. Baseball cards continue to be a huge collection item. A Mickey Mantle card just sold (2022) for 12.1 million dollars! Many a mother has been maligned for discarding a son’s baseball card collection.

Philippine Basketball Shifts into High Gear‼! The Philippines: Metropolitan Basketball Association, 1998.

The basketball-shaped folder opens to expose a paper basketball net. Included in the folder are six 7” diameter cards giving information on TV coverage and “eye-popping, attention-grabbing sidelights” to the games. Prospective advertisers can contact the marketing company listed on an enclosed sheet. TV coverage of sports is a big lucrative business.