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Grolier Club Exhibitions


GOP Victory Wheel. Washington, D.C.: Women’s Division, Republican National Committee, [ca. 1960].

This volvelle is a perfect tool for data, giving statistics and information with each turn of the die-cut wheel. The reverse states, “And that’s not all the GOP has done,” then lists more GOP accomplishments and some shortcomings of the Democrats.

1964 Election Year Argument Settler. Time, Inc.: 1964.

It’s always a trick question about who the vice president was during a particular presidency. This volvelle can settle it. If you wish to know the basics of every administration from George Washington to Lyndon B. Johnson and specific facts about the 1964 election, this volvelle will come in handy. It provides 1520 useful facts, including state-by-state opponents, open seats, and who won in the 1960 and ’62 elections. Time magazine may have been trying to gain more readers during this election year and produced the volvelle as a public service. pull 2.jpg

Pull for your Candidate. New Bedford, MA: Baker Graphics, 1984.

Wouldn’t this be an easy way to vote? Pull either of the postcard’s tabs to put your candidate in the White House. The text urges the user to vote for either Walter Mondale or Ronald Reagan in the November 6, 1984, election. The card was designed and printed for Scott J. Caplain. A Google search has Mr. Caplain of Massachusetts listing his political affiliation as “None.” Perfectly impartial.