Libri V. de Asse …



Budé, Guillaume.


Libri V. de Asse …


Venice: Aldus Manutius and Andrea Torresani,


September 1522.


Jean Grolier personally suggested that the Aldine Press publish this work on ancient Roman coinage by his friend Guillaume Budé (1467–1540). Correspondence between Grolier and Gian Francesco Torresani reveals that Grolier was intimately involved with this publication. “I ask you repeatedly, I even beg of you, to combine beauty with elegance. Let the paper be spotless, the type of perfect regularity, and a point not to be despised, let the margin be broad … If too much luxury leads you to expense, I will reimburse you for any outlay.” This particular copy was previously owned by Joseph Smith (ca. 1682–1770), the British Consul at Venice from 1744 to 1760, and is specifically mentioned by Renouard for its wide margins.


From the collection of G. Scott Clemons.