Epistolarum ad Atticum … libri.



Cicero, Marcus Tullius.


Epistolarum ad Atticum … libri.


Venice: Aldus Manutius and Andrea Torresani,


June 1513.


As a model of elegant Latin, Cicero was the classical author most frequently printed by Aldus and his heirs, and his letters were of particular interest to humanists of Aldus’s day. Note the papal privilege on the lower portion of the title page, threatening with excommunication anyone who reprints this book. Aldus obtained printing privileges from Pope Alexander VI in 1502 and his successor Pope Julius II in 1513, and the texts of those privileges are printed in full at the end of this volume. From the libraries of André-Claude Paru de Mello (1726–1799), Baron Achille Seillière (1813–1873), George Dunn (1864–1912), and William Smith Watt (1913–2002).


From the collection of G. Scott Clemons.