Florilegium Diversorum Epigrammatum in Septem Libros.



Greek Anthology.


Florilegium Diversorum Epigrammatum in Septem Libros.


Aldus Manutius


November 1503.




The title of this collection of Greek epigrams is derived from the Latin word florilegus, which refers to the behavior of bees as they fly from flower to flower seeking nourishment. In the same way, the reader is encouraged to draw intellectual sustenance from dipping into these models of Greek eloquence. This copy is printed on vellum, with the opening page illuminated in red, blue, green, and gold. The initial Greek letter tau takes the form of a scholar holding a book. Bound by Roger Payne for Sir John Hayford Thorold of Syston Park (1734–1815), and previously owned by Sir Mark Masterman Sykes (1771–1823) and William Loring Andrews (1837–1920), one of the founders of The Grolier Club. The Syston Park sale catalogue of 1884 notes that this copy “was probably Grolier’s.”


From the collection of T. Kimball Brooker.